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What Do Water Restoration Companies Do?

Water damage is perhaps one of the biggest challenges that homeowners face throughout the world. Damage isn’t just caused by natural disasters. A burst pipe can lead to flooding at any time. There are several things that can go wrong when water is involved. 

These are the times that you need a restoration company that you can trust to help take care of the damage and get your home back to normal. But what exactly do water restoration companies do when you call them in? We’ll break it down for you right here. 

Water Removal

Most water restoration professionals have industrial equipment to help remove water and dry out your home. While you can certainly sop up water and set up fans to dry things out, this process can take a long time and you need that water removed as quickly as possible. 

When these companies come in to help, they can bring in heavy equipment that soaks up water and helps to dry out the space much faster so you can get to work if you need to. 


Restoration experts know exactly what to look for after water damage has occurred. They can take a look around and test the details to determine just what might need to be done to restore the damage. 

The inspection is primarily visual and is a great way to determine if there is structural damage or mold or any other concerns that you should address right away. 


The restoration company isn’t just there to build and repair, they can help clean up the mess as well. You can handle some of this on your own, like sorting through things, but a water restoration company can help take care of cleaning and sanitizing the affected areas. 

Cleaning might be disinfecting and throwing out the ruined things, but it can also involve removing debris as well. 

Mold Remediation

If there is mold or the risk of mold from the water damage, a restoration company can help remove and remediate mold where it is found. These companies are typically skilled in inspection and restoration, and capable of working with mold safely. 

You should double-check that the company you use can handle working with mold remediation and restoration, just to be sure one company can do it all for you. 


Finally, water restoration companies can help with the restoration, which is why we’re here, right? The point is that you’re not just limited to restoration. There is a lot more that these companies can do and they are here to help you through the duration of the process. 

You can rely on most restoration companiess to help with drying, removing water, cleaning, mold remediation, and restoration. 

Redeeming Restoration is here for you every step of the way. If you’re facing water damage, give us a call anytime for a quick response – help is on the way! 

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