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What Can I Do to Help Basement Water Removal?

Water in the basement is something we all dread seeing. It can create quite a mess, wreaking havoc on your belongings as well as your home. Hiring a professional for basement water removal and mitigation is the best solution for making it through this. 

But what can you do to help? Here are a few tips that might come in handy. 

Move Things out of the Water’s Reach

One way to protect your belongings is to try to move things out of the water’s reach. This may or may not be possible, depending on your situation. Be very careful not to step into standing water unprotected, though. You should wear tall rubber boots and gloves to enter. 

Moving things might help reduce your losses and protect things that are important to you. Don’t mess with anything electrical if it could be affected by the water. 

Open Windows and Doors

If your basement has any doors or windows in the basement, you can open those to allow fresh air in. The fresh air can also help with the drying process. 

If it is raining or really cold outside, this may not be effective so make sure you check the forecast. Otherwise, the outside air should help to let moisture or odors flow out of the basement and air it out a bit while you work through the drying process. 

Try Fans or Dehumidifiers

If you have fans or dehumidifiers around the house or you can borrow some, you can use these to help dry things out as well. Fans help with drying items or carpeting, while dehumidifiers will help to pull the excess moisture out of the air and can even help prevent mold. 

While these may not work quickly on their own, they will contribute to the overall drying process and help you make progress as well. 

Shop-Vac and Wet-Vac Extraction

Another option – in cases where there aren’t several inches of water- might be to use a shop-vac or wet-vac to help soak up some of the water. You can even use these on carpets or fabrics that have been saturated. 

These work like a vacuum to soak up the water. Your vac does require a special setting to be able to handle water, though, so be sure it is capable of doing so without harming the device. 

Call in Professionals for Quick Help with Basement Water Removal

The sooner you call in the professionals, the better. Not only do we have the staff and expertise to act quickly; we also have the equipment to help extract that water far more quickly than an everyday fan or wet-vac. 

Let Redeeming Restoration come to your aid when you’re facing issues like water in the basement. Our teams are available 24/7 and can help you extract water, mitigate damages, and get things cleaned up after the fact. Give us a call right away!

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