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4 Things to Avoid in a Water Emergency

When you’re dealing with a water emergency, things like water cleanup are probably one of your top priorities. You certainly want to take care of the cleanup and restoration process as quickly as possible. However, there are also some things to be aware of.

Check out these 4 things to avoid during water cleanup.

Don’t Ignore It

Believe it or not, there are people who experience something like a burst pipe or water emergency and they never take care of the problem. They might clean up the basic mess, but not worry about restoration or surrounding cleaning that needs to be taken care of.

If you have water damage, you never want to ignore that. It doesn’t improve with time. In fact, it’s likely to get much worse if you leave it uninhibited. This is the perfect breeding ground for things like mold to develop. When you’ve faced a water emergency, take care of everything from cleaning to restoration as quickly as you can do so safely.

It’s Ok to Throw Things Away

Yes, we said it. It can be hard to justify throwing out things like furniture or even personal belongings. However, during the water cleanup process, it’s sometimes much better to throw things out that could be a problem.

If something was ruined or affected by water, it could be harboring mold or bacteria that you don’t see. Anything that you do keep will need to be thoroughly disinfected for safety purposes. If something can be salvaged, that is great! Just make sure that you go through the proper channels to clean it up and disinfect it before you start using it again.

When something can’t feasibly be salvaged or disinfected, it’s time to go ahead and throw it away.

Water Cleanup Safety

If you’re trying to handle the cleanup process on your own, a common mistake that people make is not protecting themselves. If there is standing water or bacteria left behind, you need to take safety precautions.

For standing water, you need to be sure there is not an electrical current passing through the water. If there are power cords or outlets in the water, electricity needs to be shut off in the home until this can be remedied. This may need to be handled by the electric company or an electrician.

You should also wear protective gear like rubber boots when entering standing water. When there is no standing water, we still recommend rubber boots and gloves to give you some protection in case there is bacteria present.

Fix the Problem

If the water damage was caused by something like a water leak or a burst pipe, you need to fix the problem. Many people will clean up the mess but not really fix the root cause. If you don’t fix the cause, you are likely to face a water emergency again far too soon.

Fixing the problem doesn’t necessarily mean a big, expensive project. However, this will ultimately depend on what needs to be fixed and what that requires.

Professional Water Cleanup

If you’ve experienced a water emergency, we’re here to help. Redeeming Restoration can support you from the start of the water cleanup process until everything has been restored. Contact us today and let’s get your water damage taken care of.

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