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Temperature Fluctuation in Rome, NY Often Leads to Frozen Pipes & Water in the Basement. Are You Prepared for Basement Water Extraction?

If you’ve lived in the Rome, NY, area for any amount of time, you know this time of year brings a lot of changing weather. Rain and freezing temperatures and then thawing will undoubtedly cause all sorts of problems, like water in the basement. 

It’s important to understand how you might be able to prevent water in the basement, but you should also consider the steps you can take if it happens to you. Are you prepared? Check out these tips to prevent water damage and our guide to help if basement water extraction becomes necessary. 

The Best Ways to Prevent Water in the Basement

When freezing temperatures and then warmer temperatures occur, the most common cause of flooding or water in the basement comes from pipes freezing and then bursting. So when was the last time you had your pipes inspected? 

When the flooding starts and you’re dealing with burst pipes, it might be too late! Instead, you should check your pipes. Make sure that pipes on outside walls are insulated. On the days with freezing temps or winds, faucets should have a continual drip. UNLESS you have a Septic system….DO NOT DO!  

Taking the little steps to prevent pipes from bursting can save you in the long run! 

Remember, though, not everything is preventable. So even when you do try to be proactive, it’s quite possible you could still experience pipes freezing & bursting. Hopefully your chances will decrease, but here’s what to do if pipes do burst. 

Tips to Handle Burst Pipes and Basement Water Extraction

Water can cause incredible damage in your home or basement and can lead to a host of issues. Not only could you have extensive damage, ruined items and appliances, and a big mess; it can also lead to mold if it isn’t handled quickly. 

Hiring a professional company to help with water extraction from burst pipes is the best thing that you can do. We have specialized equipment to help remove the water fast and to help get things dried out. 

Our goal is to help you quickly and effectively mitigate the damages and clean up the mess left behind. If you need to take action before someone comes in to help, start by moving things to safety if possible, and moving anything you can move to let it dry out elsewhere. 

Let Redeeming Restoration Help with Your Basement Water Extraction in Rome, NY

When freezing temperatures and then warmer temperatures occur, burst pipes cause massive water damage, you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Redeeming Restoration is here to help, and we’re available 24/7. 

Our teams will assess the extent of the damages, figure out the best approach, and get to work with basement water extraction and more. Not only will we help with cleanup and mitigation, but we will also check for mold when the water is gone. We use the best equipment to take care of both homes and businesses. 

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