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The 4 Most Important Steps of Mold Removal

There are certain parts of the mold removal process that are absolutely critical. These steps include containment and disinfection. Protect your health and home by using someone who is properly trained and certified.

Take a look at these 4 most important steps of mold removal.

1. Contain Safely

One of the first steps is to contain the area. Containment keeps the mold from moving. The last thing you want is for the mold to spread any further. Containment may include closing off a specific room or part of the home. This will depend on where the mold is, as well as how severe it is.

Containment is used to prevent loose spores of mold from escaping and finding their ways into air that isn’t being filtered or other parts of the property.

2. Identification

Identification typically happens as one of the first steps. This is simply to determine where the mold is, where it might be hiding, and make a plan. Some mold is easily visible. That is not always the case, though. Mold can hide. It is camouflage at its finest. The point of identifying is to ensure all mold is handled in the removal process.

Identification can also help to determine what caused the mold. For example, if this is from a water leak, that will need to be handled. It’s all about learning where the mold is and how it got there.

3. Clean Air

Next up is air filtration. Many forms of mold are hazardous to breathe. For that reason, it’s necessary to properly filter the air for safety. Professional teams determine the best way to filter the air. In many cases, it will involve an air purifier with a HEPA filter. It depends on the situation and the type of mold.

This is another example of why using a professional is always the best solution.

4. Disinfection

Finally, mold is a contamination. This means that any space or area that was affected to or near the mold has to be thoroughly cleaned. Many times, a disinfection process is applied prior to work beginning. Regardless, it should always be part of completion. This is a crucial element of cleanup.

With disinfection, you ensure that no mold spores are left behind. The areas in your contained space are thoroughly cleaned. This removes every last trace of mold. The goal is to prevent further unexpected mold. You always want to keep your home protected.

Professional Mold Removal

Always use a professional. That is the best recommendation to follow. Rely on a trained and certified company. Professionals are certified to safely and effectively handle mold. If you need mold eradicated in your home or business, Redeeming Restoration is here to help. Our teams safely take care of the mold you’re dealing with. We can restore your home as well.

Mold is not safe. Don’t try to do it alone. Count on the professionals to do it right. We care about you and your home!

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