Learn How Mold Removal Works

Mold in your home or business can be awful to deal with. It’s not safe to breathe in or have around you. Cleaning it up also requires some safety precautions to protect your health as well. 

How exactly do people deal with mold damage? We’ve got you covered in this informative guide to how mold removal works. 

Find the Right Professional

First things first: you should find the right professional to help you with the task. Look for a company like Redeeming Restoration – a company with experience in mold remediation and restoration. You want to know that the company understands how to safely and effectively work with mold. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for pictures of their work as well as references so you can get a feel for their capabilities. 

Inspect and Assess

The first step is to figure out how much damage and mold there is. In this step, a property should be carefully inspected to find the visible mold as well as hidden mold and places that can feed mold growth. 

Inspectors will look for areas that seemingly have high moisture content to determine whether that area could have hidden mold or could produce mold. Most companies have a series of practices and tools to help find mold at the source. 

Contain the Mold

Once you have a good idea of the problem areas, the next step is to stop the mold in its tracks. Here you want to be able to contain the mold so that it doesn’t continue to spread while you take care of the problem. 

This step is designed to prevent mold spores from reproducing or spreading. Containing mold might be done in several different ways, including the use of a negative air chamber to isolate the space. 

A physical barrier is the best way to stop the spread of mold and keep it contained during cleaning and remediation. 

Mold Removal 

Once the setup is prepared and proper air filtration is in place, removal can begin. Remediation processes will vary depending on the situation. In some cases, materials that are infested with mold may have to be removed completely. 

A team member from Redeeming Restoration will start with an antimicrobial treatment to the area. This will clean mold and prevent it from growing. From there, they can assess whether an area is too heavily infested and if the materials need to be removed and restored. 

Clean & Restore

Finally, once the affected area has been cleared of mold, it’s time to clean up that space and any surrounding areas that could be affected. Chances are the room with mold had cabinets, storage, furniture, and other items. 

These items should be cleaned to be sure they are not housing mold spores in them. Cleaning these items should be part of the process. 

Finally, you can move on to restoration. Restoration is the repairing and restoring of any area or item that may be damaged from mold. If materials had to be removed, this is where they will be restored. Restoration includes minor repairs and major repairs alike. 

Redeeming Restoration knows how to safely remove mold and help with the restoration process. We have teams that follow specific guidelines to make sure you and your home are safely taken care of. Give us a call for your mold removal needs! 

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