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Is Water Damage Covered by Insurance? Learn What You Need to Know!

Homeowner’s insurance is meant to protect your home when the unexpected happens. From disasters to emergencies like water damage, you need to be able to recover and make repairs when the worst happens! You’ve likely heard horror stories about trying to get payouts from insurance claims. It is important to understand your policy, but it’s also critical to have a team that knows how to work with insurance companies. 


At Redeeming Restoration, we have experience working with insurance claims, utilizing a streamlined process to manage insurance adjusters and assist clients in navigating the claims process. Our goal is to make the process smoother and less stressful for you. 


In this guide, we share some information about what may be covered by your insurance. Rest assured, you won’t be left to just figure it out and deal with insurance on your own. We’re here to provide hope in the midst of the chaos. 


What IS Covered by Insurance? 


All insurance policies vary some, but here is what you really need to know. You probably don’t have flood insurance unless your home is in a flood zone that requires it, or unless you specifically requested it and paid higher premiums for it. But this type of flooding, as it relates to insurance, is specifically for weather-related flooding, like a nearby river that floods your home. 


When we’re talking about flooding that happens within your home, there’s a good chance your water damage IS covered! If you experience water damage, let us help you navigate the claims process. 


The general rule of thumb is that if the damages in your home come from sudden or accidental occurrences within the home, your needs are covered within the realm of your policy. Take note that this mentions “sudden and unexpected” damages. It’s not really meant for damages that were ignored for months that you just decided to go ahead and fix. Just keep this in mind. 


What Is NOT Covered by Insurance? 


What is or is not covered depends on your policy. Outdoor flooding that is generally weather-related likely will not be covered unless you have that flood insurance we mentioned earlier. 


In addition, your insurance may not cover replacing whatever caused your water damage. For example, if your washing machine malfunctioned or overflowed and flooded a room or two, the water damage is covered. But replacement or repair of your washing machine might not be covered in this instance. 


Another thing to be aware of is that when water damage has been happening for an extended period of time and you just decided one day it was time to take care of it, this may not be covered either. Since it’s not sudden or unexpected and is instead a lack of maintenance, this is often not covered. 


Let Redeeming Restoration Help You Navigate the Insurance Process with Your Water Damage Claim


At Redeeming Restoration, we can help you navigate insurance claims and work through the process. We’ve been trusted by customers and insurance agencies for many years, and our reputation speaks for itself. 


For all your water damage needs, reach out to Redeeming Restoration today. We’re not just any restoration company; we’re committed to being there for you in times of need. We understand the chaos and distress associated with water damage, and our services go beyond mere cleanup. We provide hope to those feeling overwhelmed, working tirelessly to ensure our clients receive the support necessary to recover after disaster strikes.


If you’re currently dealing with water damage, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts possesses the equipment, knowledge, and experience required to safely and efficiently handle the job. Allow us to take care of the mess while you focus on restoring normalcy. Remember, at Redeeming Restoration, we’re not just a company; we’re your rescuers!


Get the help you need now! Contact us today!

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