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What is the Most Common Cause of Flood Damage?

When you think of flood damage, you probably immediately think of floods solely caused by Mother Nature. While this certainly can lead to flooding, the majority of in-home flooding situations actually stem from issues within the home. Take a look at these top causes of flood damage in Oneida County, Herkimer County, and surrounding areas.

Burst Pipes

The main cause of flooding in homes comes directly from burst or broken pipes. This happens a lot in the extreme cold of winter or even the extreme heat of summer. When that pipe fails to stay intact for whatever reason, there is a sudden onslaught of water that comes out of the pipe.

Generally, there might be a weak point that erupts. However, it could just be the location on the pipe that the pressure simply can no longer hold back. Within just a few seconds, you could have tons of water and flooding in your home or business from this scenario. Shut off the water right away and then give us a call.

Drainage Issues

Another common cause of flooding issues is drainage problems. This is particularly true in basements and crawl spaces, but it could affect your home as well. When your sump pump, gutters, or other drainage systems are not functioning properly, it leads to flooding.

Many homeowners and business owners have dealt with water in the basement every time they get a heavy rain. It technically isn’t supposed to be this way. Don’t shrug that off as normal. Check out things like the pumps, the gutters, and other means of drainage to be sure they are functioning properly to protect your structure.

Appliances Gone Bad

Another common cause of home flooding is faulty appliances. When things like dishwashers or washing machines give you trouble, you can experience flooding quickly. Many times we aren’t monitoring these appliances, so we may not even realize there is an issue until the damage is extensive.

It’s also possible for these appliances to be leaking in places that aren’t visible. Again, you won’t notice this until the damage is more significant and you need major restoration in those spaces.

Mother Nature Flood Damage

That’s right – Mother Nature actually ranks pretty far down on the list of the most common causes of flooding. Now, when flooding does occur because of the weather, it can be extensive and cause significant damage to mass areas. Thankfully, this doesn’t happen every day or nearly as often as other types of flooding. Unfortunately, if this is the type of flooding that you experience, your damages may be far worse than the other scenarios listed above.

Flood Damage Restoration

When you experience damage from flooding of any kind, it’s critical to bring in the experts to help you recover. Redeeming Restoration can help you extract water, get your home or business secured, and work through the entire cleanup and restoration process. Our teams are available 24/7, so don’t hesitate to give us a call when you need us most.

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  • A drainage issue can happen at any time and ruin a house faster than you think. If ever this happens to me, I better make sure that I have a good way to work on the repairs needed for it immediately. I’ll go and look for any flood damage experts that I can sign up with in case it ever happens.

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