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Flood and Storm Damage Restoration

Storm damage can happen to anyone and can occur quickly. Even when storms are predicted in the weather forecast, there is often no way of preparing for the damage that might occur on your property. To make matters worse, unpredictable storm damage can affect your property on multiple levels, leaving you with more than just one issue to solve. In short, there is no fail-proof way to avoid storm damage should the conditions be right. However, you can and should take precautions whenever possible to protect your property and loved ones.

Calling a specialized storm and flood damage restoration team can help you return to everyday life faster. The experts at Redeeming Restoration can help with comprehensive flood and storm damage restoration services across Deerfield and surrounding areas of New York. We act quickly to help you restore your home from all types of storm- and flood-related damage. Visit our website to learn even more about all of our highly-rated restoration services.

The Basic Causes of Storm and Flood Damage

At Redeeming Restoration, we can handle storm and flood damage of all types. We understand that every individual’s situation will be unique since no two storms and no two properties are the same.

There are numerous types and levels of storms. All types of storm damage could occur at your home or place of business. Natural disasters are common throughout the United States and can be categorized as destructive forces that leave costly damage in their wake. Common natural disasters that can cause extensive damage include hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, wildfires, earthquakes, lightning storms, and other less common disasters.

Flooding, in particular, is a common form of storm-related damage. Even if extreme winds or lightning storms do not strike your home, excessive rainfall in another area can still cause flooding near you. Plus, floods can happen faster than you think. Driving or walking outside in flood-prone areas during or after stormy weather is never a good idea. Sudden floods could sweep you or even your vehicle away quickly, trapping you in a perilous situation. Always listen to flood warnings and report flood damage as soon as possible.

Seasonal Storm Damage

Furthermore, seasonal storm damage is not uncommon. Seasonal storm or flood damage occurs during specific seasons related to extreme weather. For instance, ice damming occurs when excessive ice builds up from water runoff on your roof. This can cause roof collapse, leaks and dangerous ice shelves, which could fall on people at any moment. Seasonal flooding often occurs in rainy months due to warmer conditions meeting cold fronts and causing thunder, wind, and lightning storms. Understanding the risks of stormy weather conditions throughout the year is the best way to prepare ahead of time and alleviate the severity of storm damage.


Effects of Storm Damage

Just as there are many causes of storm damage, there are also numerous effects. Every scenario is different, but after a storm, your property might suffer from considerable storm damages. The professionals at Redeeming Restoration are well versed in every aspect of storm damage restoration and can help you tackle all property damages promptly.

● Water Contamination & Damage

Water damage after storms is the most common category of damage. Furthermore, most water has been flowing through the streets and land during a storm, meaning it is most likely contaminated. After a storm, contaminated waters may flood your home. When this water enters your home, both you and your personal belongings are exposed to hazardous bacteria and viruses. In worst-case scenarios, sewage systems can back up, or flooding can remain for an extended period. Redeeming Restoration can help specialists in all areas of water-related property damage.

● Damaged Electrical and Gas Systems

After storms, electrical systems and power lines can be damaged. Furthermore, your gas systems might be compromised. Remember never to approach exposed electrical wires or power lines that are down, especially if they are in or near water. In addition, if you suspect a gas leak, call an expert to investigate it as soon as possible.

● Erosion Around Your Property

Extensive erosion often takes place after storms, especially hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. This can pose a hazard for your property, washing away critical land from the foundation. Always invest in a reliable post-storm foundation inspection, especially if you live in a flood-prone region.

● Mold Growths

Mold loves to grow in humidity and moist conditions. After a storm, the air in your home is usually extremely humid, and excessive moisture accumulation can contribute to mold growth. Furthermore, the longer water damage on your property goes unaddressed, the more likely mold can take over. To avoid the development of pathogenic and toxigenic mold spores in your home, contact Redeeming Restoration as soon as possible after storm damage is sustained.

● Fire and Power Surges

During or after lightning storms, power surges can pose threats to property owners of all types. Storm surge protection on your electronic devices is the best way to protect against sudden surges. In worst-case scenarios, storm surges or lightning storms can spark embers that ignite fires and quickly spread. Fires are also not uncommon after storms. They can pose health risks with smoke inhalation, burns, and toxic residues in the air.


Choose Redeeming Restoration for Storm and Flood Damage Restoration

At Redeeming Restoration, we want to help keep your entire family safe during and after recent flooding or stormy weather. We aim to provide the best customer service with fast and trusted restoration protocols. We value every client as a person, so we always answer calls within the hour, and you always speak with an actual customer service representative. We are entirely family-owned and operated and offer direct insurance billing. Furthermore, we keep you updated every step of the way, so you never have to wonder about the status of your restoration process.


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