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Facing the Nightmare of Sewage Cleanup: Expert Tips for a Safe and Effective Recovery

Sewage backup issues are quite possibly one of the most disgusting and unclean things any home or business owner will ever have to face. While we certainly hope that it will not happen to you, the truth is that it could happen anywhere. You need sewage cleanup, and you need it fast! We are here to help. 


Did you know that sewage is considered a biohazard? It is not just something you look at and think, “Wow, that is gross.” It is also very dangerous to handle, and it should always be cleaned up by expert teams who are properly equipped for the task. 


Redeeming Restoration is the only company in Rome, NY, Old Forge, and surrounding areas that offers sewage cleanup. Lean on us when disaster strikes. 



What to Do in a Sewage Cleanup Emergency


If you are able to stop the sewage backup, this is your first step. However, do not put yourself at risk trying to stop it. The first step will be to get any family members, guests, and pets away from the backup. No one should enter the affected area without proper protective gear. 


Sewage can carry bacteria and viruses that are harmful and dangerous. This is why it is best to use a trained team to help with the cleanup process. Once you clear the area, barricade it or ensure that no person or animal will enter until cleanup is complete. 


If you are able to open windows and doors surrounding the backup, this can help provide fresh air and ventilation. Should there be any electrical appliances or outlets affected, the best thing to do is shut off electrical power until the area is cleared. You will also want to avoid using any plumbing until the backup issue has been resolved. You may need a plumber for these repairs. 


What to Expect from Sewage Backup Cleanup


There are multiple aspects of sewage backup cleanup you should be aware of. Yes, there is a mess that will need to be properly cleaned and disposed of. The area will need thorough sanitization as well. However, sewage backup also carries moisture, which means you could be facing water damage problems as well. 


Depending on where the backup occurs and how extensive it is, you will likely experience damage to furniture and appliances, floors, walls, and other surrounding materials. After the cleanup process, repairs may need to be made. 


Bring in the Professionals for Sewage Cleanup Relief


Do not try to face this nightmare on your own. The cleanup process can be extensive, and it is far too dangerous for you to take it on. Instead, call a professional company that can bring you hope and relief. 


For all your sewage backup cleanup needs, reach out to Redeeming Restoration today. We’re not just any restoration company; we commit to being there for you in times of need. We understand the chaos and distress associated with sewage backups, and our services go beyond mere cleanup. We provide hope to those feeling overwhelmed, working tirelessly to ensure our clients receive the support necessary to recover after disaster strikes.


If you’re currently dealing with a sewage backup, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts possesses the equipment, knowledge, and experience required to safely and efficiently handle the job. Allow us to take care of the mess while you focus on restoring normalcy. Remember, at Redeeming Restoration, we’re not just a company; we’re your rescuers!


Get the help you need now! Contact us today!

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