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Choosing the Best Mold Remediation Companies in Old Forge, NY

When you need mold removal and remediation in Old Forge, NY, you also need to know which mold remediation companies you can depend on. You will likely find several options that claim to be great or the best. So how can you narrow down the search and figure out what sets each company apart? 


Let us tell you a little bit about our processes and how these truly make a difference when you need help. 


The Best Mold Remediation Companies Know You Can’t Remove Mold Without the Proper Equipment


People think that spraying some Kilz or just scrubbing mold away gets rid of it. Unfortunately, that’s not true. If you really want to get rid of a mold infestation, you’ve got to have the right equipment to do it. 


It doesn’t matter where the mold is coming from; the specialized equipment to remediate mold and treat the area is similar across the board. As a result, we use high-quality equipment paired with our knowledge of mold to remove it. 


This includes removing mold deposits and infested materials. 


Inspections Make a Difference in Choosing the Best Mold Remediation Companies


You would be surprised how many companies come in and just remove the mold you can physically see. That’s not how we do it. We start every mold remediation project with an inspection. 


This helps us determine all of the places that have been affected by mold growth so that we can create a plan to tackle the job. This way, we can get it all removed and cleaned up at one time. 


You’ll also want to make sure you also correct the issue that caused the mold in order to prevent the problem from recurring. 


Containment and Air Filtration


An important part of any mold remediation job is to ensure the site you are working on is contained. You need to promote proper air filtration as well. Again, these also take specialized training and knowledge, as well as equipment. 


For containment, we typically contain the room or space where mold is present. This helps prevent spreading and improves the cleanup process. For air filtration, we have professional filtration equipment that captures mold spores in the air. 


We also use air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums to properly and safely filter everything. 


It’s All in the Process


The reliability of mold remediation companies really comes down to their process and equipment. Are they properly trained to do the job right? And do they have the necessary equipment? 


Their process should be detailed enough to cover inspections, planning, containment, filtration, removal and cleanup, sanitation, and then a final inspection. Check for these things. 


Let Us Help with Mold Remediation in Old Forge, NY


If you or someone you know in Old Forge needs help with mold remediation, give us a call. Redeeming Restoration has been serving the area for more than a decade. As a result, our clients are our top priority. We will use our expertise and equipment to help restore your home from mold damage. 

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