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Burst pipes can occur at any time and are definitely an unwanted disturbance. Both residential and commercial properties can be affected by sudden burst pipes. Pipes bursting can quickly cause a huge amount of damage. The sheer force and amount of water released can make it difficult to alleviate damage for even the most prepared individuals. Therefore, you should act fast in this scenario and call a water damage specialist near you.

Redeeming Restoration is here to help homeowners across Oneida County, and surrounding areas with all of their burst pipe emergencies. Our comprehensive water damage restoration services include burst pipe assessments and repairs that help you restore your home fast. We understand that nothing is as stressful as unpredictable damage taking over your property and ruining your personal belongings. That’s why we work with you to restore both minor and significant issues with your plumbing.

Burst Pipes: The Basics

Pipes can burst because of several factors. Sometimes, more than one condition contributes to excessive overall stress on your plumbing, leading to sudden bursts. Some of the most common causes of burst pipes are natural forces, weather, temperatures, and the age of plumbing systems. However, property owners can also inadvertently cause pipes to burst with poor disposal of items within sewage and plumbing systems.

The Causes of Burst Pipes

● Winter Weather

Winter weather is one of the most prevalent causes of pipes bursting. During colder months, pipes can become dangerously cold if left exposed without water running through them. As a result, the water within them can freeze. This can cause pipes to expand with changes in temperatures. As the temperature fluctuates, the pipes could create cracks over time or weaken the material, causing them to burst if a drastic change in temperature pushes them over the edge.

As a property owner, keeping an indoor temperature warm enough to avoid pipes freezing is critical. If you are out of town during cold months, you should still maintain this temperature or leave a slight trickle of water flowing at all times.

● Soil Erosion and Shifting

Another source of pipe damage is the natural shifting of soil and erosion over time. This is usually beyond your control as a property owner; however, you can hire a landscaping team if you notice low spots or drastic soil shifting. These professionals can help you assess possible damage and threats to your property by filling in eroded areas safely. Sometimes, shifting soils can expose pipes or put pressure on them in spots that create cracks and vulnerabilities. Regions with recent construction or remodeling of your property can be at higher risk of sudden shifts in the soil.

● Tree Roots

Another natural factor to watch out for is tree roots. Tree roots can grow into or through plumbing systems, increasing the chances of your pipes suddenly bursting. It is good to have tree root systems inspected annually if they are near plumbing or sewer systems.

● Clogs In Your Pipes

Of course, proper disposal of paper products and kitchen substances is critical to avoiding unnecessary pipe bursts. Never flush items down the toilet which are not toilet-safe. Kleenex, feminine products, and paper towels should all be put in the trash, not disposed of in the bathroom.

In the kitchen, grease can clog drains as it hardens, creating backups in your plumbing system, which increase pressure on pipes. Over time, the blockage can become severe enough that the pipes burst. Throw grease away in the trash and never put solid waste down the drain without a proper garbage disposal system. Even hair in your shower can clog pipes, raising the chances of lines bursting over time.

● Appliance Malfunctions

Older appliances can cause malfunctions that lead to sudden burst pipes. Even if your devices are new, malfunctions can occur, and improper plumbing connections can result in sudden pipe bursting. As a result, regular appliance inspections for your dishwasher, freezer, and fridge are a good idea.

● Natural Aging and Corroded Pipes

Finally, pipes naturally corrode over time. Older metal pipes, especially in areas exposed to the elements, can rust and become weakened as time passes. Eventually, this can contribute to pipes bursting if they are not replaced properly.


The Problem With Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are a significant inconvenience and can be extremely hazardous. There is more than just a straightforward problem to solve when your pipes burst, even with minor damage.

Usually, burst pipes will cause some degree of water damage. Water can leech through carpeting layers and into the subflooring, ruin hardwood floors instantly, and even pool on tiling. Carpet can grow mildewed and moldy even if treated quickly. Furniture, personal belongings, and electronics alike can all be damaged or destroyed by rapidly flowing water. The worst part is, sudden pipe bursts can even compromise your home’s foundation.


What To Do When Your Pipes Burst

When your pipes burst, you should take action immediately. Here are some helpful steps you can take to alleviate the amount of damage to your property.

● Cut the water source.

Excessive water flow when your pipes have burst is the last thing you want. Therefore, when your pipes burst, you should shut off the water source first. In cases where electrical wiring might have been compromised, you should also shut that off. If you are unsure, shut both off to be safe.

● Call Redeeming Restoration

Next, contact Redeeming Restoration’s specialized team of water damage restoration and burst pipe experts. You can’t solve a burst pipe issue by yourself. Furthermore, the longer the situation goes untreated, the more problems, like mold growth, unwanted, persistent odors, and biohazardous contamination, will arise. To keep your family safe, a burst pipe restoration team can help clean, solve the problem, and leave your home sanitized.

● Documentation and Insurance

After you have called Redeeming Restoration, contact your insurance provider. You can begin documentation of the damage with photographs, videos, and lists of affected areas. However, you will want to work with your trusted provider to gain complete documentation. Call your insurance company.


Our Process

When water damage of any kind occurs on your property, Redeeming Restoration is here to help with a streamlined process for every situation. With burst pipes, we begin after your initial phone call. We will assess the damage on your property as soon as possible to locate the cause of the burst pipes and create a comprehensive plan of restoration/repair.

Then our team will begin extracting water with state-of-the-art water extraction equipment. We will use industrial dryers and fans to dry out your home so mold growth won’t occur. Before we leave, we will also sanitize all surfaces in your property. Then we conduct a final detailed inspection. We never leave your property until you are 100% satisfied with your service.


Why You Should Choose Redeeming Restoration

At Redeeming Restoration, we understand a sudden burst pipe is more than just a nuisance; it also involves protecting your assets and alleviating further damage. That is why we act fast with a quick response time of 1 hour or less. Plus, you’ll always speak to an actual customer service representative and never an automatic system. As an entirely family-owned and operated business, integrity, respect, and quality service form the heart of what we provide for our clients. That’s why we keep you updated at every step of your burst pipe restoration process.


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