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Burst Pipes: The Silent Threat Lurking in Your Home and What You Need to Know to Stop It

With cold weather just around the corner, now is the time to start becoming familiar with what could cause your pipes to burst. While it is not always due to frozen pipes, this is one of the leading causes of burst pipes, and you need to be prepared. If a pipe bursts in your home, it could lead to extensive damage and repairs and water damage cleanup. 


You cannot always avoid every situation. But if you are aware and familiar with the causes, you may be able to reduce the risk of it happening to you. If you do face a burst pipe, know who you can call for a quick response for water damage cleanup. You are not alone in this situation! 


How Much Damage Does a Burst Pipe Cause? 


When a pipe bursts, it’s almost like an explosion of water. It is not just a trickle or a leak, but rather a heavy force of water that comes barreling out of the pipes. There will be a lot of water and it will add up fast. You need to get the water shut off as quickly as you possibly can to help reduce the amount of water damage you are facing. 


How much damage you end up with will likely depend on how many things are in the path of the water, how quickly you respond, and what part of your home the burst pipe occurs in. 


Reduce the Threat of Burst Pipes and Water Damage Cleanup in Your Home


There are steps that you can take to help prevent the likelihood of a burst pipe happening to you. Taking steps to be proactive will be much better than dealing with the aftermath of a burst pipe. Logically speaking, you won’t always be able to prevent a mishap. But by that same logic, being proactive will greatly reduce the threat. 


Follow these tips to help. 


Freezing Pipes Are Your Biggest Culprit


The possibility of your pipes freezing is perhaps your biggest threat when it comes to burst pipes. If you can take steps to prevent your pipes from freezing, this greatly reduces the risk of a burst pipe. Spending a little money to provide warmth or even insulate your pipes is often more affordable than dealing with cleanup and repairs after the fact. 


Try pipe insulation, heat tape, and directing heat toward the pipes to help keep them warm when cold weather hits. 


Maintenance and Repairs Lead to Bursting at the Seams and Water Damage Cleanup


The other major issue that could cause a burst pipe: when pipes are in disrepair, this leaves them weakened and vulnerable. Eventually, a pipe that is rusting, weak, or cracked is going to turn into a much bigger problem. 


Look for signs of old or aging pipes and consider having them inspected from time to time. Get repairs made when you know there is an issue. It just might save you thousands of dollars. 


Let Redeeming Restoration Help with Water Damage Cleanup 


For all your water damage needs, reach out to Redeeming Restoration today. We’re not just any restoration company; we’re committed to being there for you in times of need. We understand the chaos and distress associated with water damage, and our services go beyond mere cleanup. We provide hope to those feeling overwhelmed, working tirelessly to ensure our clients receive the support necessary to recover after disaster strikes.


If you’re currently dealing with water damage, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts possesses the equipment, knowledge, and experience required to safely and efficiently handle the job. Allow us to take care of the mess while you focus on restoring normalcy. Remember, at Redeeming Restoration, we’re not just a company; we’re your rescuers!


Get the help you need now! Contact us today!

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