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Broken and Damaged Pipes: How to Prepare and React

One of the most common causes of water damage within a home is burst pipes. While you can’t always prevent every situation from occurring, there are many things that you can do to be proactive to avoid dealing with a broken or damaged pipe situation. 

The problem is that all too often, our pipes are out of sight and out of mind. Eventually, those pipes can fail us, leaving us needing burst pipe restoration, along with mitigation and cleanup from the broken pipes. 

Check out these tips to prevent broken or damaged pipes, as well as how to react should you have an issue. 

Tips to Prevent Broken and Damaged Pipes

What do you suspect is the leading cost of burst pipes? Pipes that freeze and then burst are common scenarios. However, you could also face damages simply because pipes are not well-maintained and then they start to erode, rust, or even fall apart. 

Pipes can crack, develop holes, or fail altogether. Regardless of what causes the pipe malfunction, the end result is a huge mess, right? You have water damage, pipes to fix, and the possibility of mold or even sewage in your space if the wrong pipes are broken or damaged. 

How do you prevent these things from happening? Here are a few simple tips to help protect your pipes:

  • Insulate pipes to protect them from freezing temperatures
  • Have pipes inspected by professionals on a routine basis
  • When a pipe has a leak, crack, or hole, get it fixed
  • Repair and replace aged pipes that are compromised
  • Don’t ignore small leaks or drips
  • Maintain pipes through the years
  • Take steps when freezing temperatures are expected

These little things typically offer big protection. 

How to React to Broken or Damaged Pipes

The things above can go a long way to prevent you from ever dealing with a broken pipe emergency. But let’s be honest: you can’t prevent every scenario from happening, despite your best efforts. 

Being proactive might significantly reduce your risk of dealing with a burst pipe or similar issues. You still should be prepared and know what to do in case something happens. 

Take these steps right away when you experience broken or damaged pipe issues:

  • Turn off the water source
  • Call a plumber to repair the pipes
  • Call a restoration company to help with cleanup and mitigating damages
  • Think about safety
  • Work with your insurance company
  • Get things back in order and restored

The most important step here is to turn off the water source right away. This is what is going to stop the water in its tracks. From there, you can then work through the other steps to get things resolved. 

Rely on Us for Burst Pipe Restoration and Water Damages

When you do face a water emergency like this, you are not alone. Redeeming Restoration can help you mitigate damages, work through cleanup, and get everything taken care of after these damages occur. 

We have a 24/7 line for you to call us, day or night. Our services extend to both commercial and residential facilities. How can we help? 

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