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Basement Water Extraction

Unfortunately, water damage can happen to anybody in all types of homes. Even the newest and best built of homes could become the victim of sudden water damage or flooding. Basements often are the first area of the house to become flooded or sustain water damage.

When you notice any amount of water accumulating in your basement, you should act fast! Contact the experts in Basement Water Extraction services at Redeeming Restoration. We service Utica, New York and surrounding areas with fast service and years of experience under our belts when it comes to removing water from your basement. Our trained specialists can locate the water source in your basement, extract the water and restore your home. Don’t let your home be a victim of unnecessary water accumulation anymore. Give us a call today!

The Basics of Basement Flooding

You might be wondering why the basement seems to be the first area of your home to accumulate excess water. The answer is simple. Basements usually get water first because of their location close to the ground’s surface. They are the first point of contact your home’s foundation has with the earth; therefore, they are prone to extra groundwater seeping through the soil easier.

Accumulation of water in your basement might occur after extreme weather, heavy rainfalls in a short period, excessive runoff from nearby sloping ground, or recent flooding. Basements that are in older homes or unfinished are often more susceptible to these conditions. In fact, flooding is not uncommon in most older homes’ basements, primarily if they are located in low-lying or flood-prone regions. However, basement flooding can happen even to homeowners on higher ground or in a modern home. A finished basement, similarly, won’t always stop extreme water accumulation from entering your home.

Causes Water Accumulation in Your Basement

As we already have learned, extreme weather and heavy rainfall can contribute to water accumulation in your basement. However, many other factors can increase the chances of water in your basement.

Plumbing issues can also be a significant contributor to flooded basements. If your home has recently sustained plumbing problems, these issues can escalate to contribute and cause flooding in your basement. Other possible factors of basement water accumulation include sump pump failure, a recent sewage backup or burst pipes. For instance, sump pumps often fail during thunderstorms when power might fail for extended periods. This creates an even bigger issue as water accumulation your pump cannot keep you with pooling waters.


Why Water in Your Basement Can Be Hazardous

Of course, the water in your basement is not always the biggest concern. There are many hazards of basement flood waters that should also be addressed immediately. Most floodwaters are dangerous to come into contact with because they contain microcontaminants. Numerous particles, viruses, bacteria, and even human or animal waste in basement floodwaters. As they flow through your basement and cover flooring, walls, and personal belongings, they bring with them a bounty of health risks.

Remember to never wade into floodwaters, avoid electrical outlets near floodwaters, and always wash your hands thoroughly if you touch these disgusting waters.

Mold and Mildew

Furthermore, water in your basement can contribute to mold and mildew growths. Even a tiny amount of water can cause significant damage, contribute to mold spore growth, and ruin even more of your personal belongings. Mold loves humid, damp and dark spaces, which most basements encourage. Mold spores can move fast, spread far and wide, and last long without proper action.

To make matters even worse, mold can be highly hazardous to your health. Asthma and breathing problems are only the beginning of a list of common side effects of coming into prolonged contact with mold. Calling Redeeming Restoration as soon as you notice water damage can help alleviate the mold from growing in its tracks.

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Our Basement Water Extraction Services

We put quality, affordability, and fast services together in one neat water extraction bundle at Redeeming Restoration. First, we will inspect your property. We will assess the extent of the damage, locate the causes of water accumulation in your basement and evaluate the structural integrity of your building. This is essential information for us to ensure your safety and develop the best course of restoration and extraction.

Next, our specialized professional basement water extraction team will begin removing water from your basement. We all ensure your home is mold-free after removing all water from your basement using specialized industry-leading equipment. We will make sure your home is entirely dried out, safe to re-enter and truly home again at our final inspection before we leave. Your satisfaction means the world to us, so we never leave if you are unhappy with the results.

Why You Should Choose Redeeming Restoration

At Redeeming Restoration, customer service is at the heart of what we do. For this reason, we always have real people waiting to answer your call. We respond within one-hour maximum to every call we receive. Furthermore, we are entirely family-owned and operated and offer direct billing insurance for your convenience. We will always keep you in the loop and updated on the status of your extraction procedure.

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If you are ready to remove all accumulation of water from your basement and avoid further damage, Redeeming Restoration is just a phone call away! We can help you take back your basement space and get the peace of mind you deserve. Give us a call today at 317-335-6235 or visit our website for more information.


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