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Welcome to Redeeming Restoration, where we help clients reclaim the safety and comfort of their home or place of business after property damage.

At Redeeming Restoration, our core values are based on integrity, state-of-the-art technology and restoration techniques, friendliness, honesty, and affordable restoration for all. We service Utica, NY and surrounding areas, and follow the same principles that our founder Sheri Osborne started the company with. As a family-owned and operated business, we seek to put our clients’ needs first, which helps us stand out from profit-seeking competitors.

Meet Our CEO, Sheri Osborne

Redeeming Restoration’s story begins with founder Sheri Osborne suffering a harrowing struggle with mold poisoning. According to her account, she has had mold poisoning that caused her to be bedridden, spending most of her time in the ER. Eventually, she even lost her ability to speak, showcasing typical stroke symptoms.

Her entire family was affected by the traumatic event, showcasing varying sickness levels and requiring hospitalization. In total, they had to undergo countless medical procedures and appointments as doctors struggled to diagnose the issues and locate the initial source of the problem. It began a never-ending cycle, propelled forward by her suppressed immune system and countless failed applications of new antibiotics.

Eventually, the truth behind the series of continued illnesses was revealed on a family trip to Colorado, away from the family’s California home. Since they noticed improved health and then a sudden return of the symptoms upon their return home, they suspected the source of the illness must be connected to their home.

After some tests, they discovered the cause of the ongoing health issues was extreme levels of black mold, which required immediate quarantine. After recovery and solving the mold infestation in their home, Osborne and her family found themselves led to found Redeeming Restoration.

When disaster strikes your life due to property damage of any type, we vow to help by providing fast restoration services, continued support, and educating our clients on potential health emergencies.

Restoration Services We Offer

At Redeeming Restoration, we offer comprehensive commercial and residential restoration services throughout the Utica area. We always pride ourselves on fast response times of one hour or less. When you contact us, you will always speak with an actual person and never an automated message or robot. Here are the primary services we offer clients. You can visit our website to learn more about each service and get your quote today!

Water Damage Restoration Services  – Burst Pipes, Ceiling Leaks, Basement Flooding, Sink or toilet overflow, Sump pump failure, Dishwashers or washing machines water discharge, Ice Dams / Leaky Roofs, Water Heaters, Storm drain backup, Natural Disaster (Deep Freeze) and Others.

Slow leaks in plumbing pipes or appliances (dishwasher, toilet, garage disposal)

Mold Removal & Remediation Services –  Mold remediation, removal or abatement.  Cleaned & Sanitized, Removing Mold & Mold-infested Materials, Mold Containment, Air Filtration, Cleaning Contents & Belongings.

Attic mold removal, Basement remediation, Crawl Space,) Smell a strong, musty odor, etc..

Sewage Cleanup & Removal Services – Removal & Extraction of Black water (raw sewage), Removing sewage-saturated materials, Cleanup & Disinfection, sanitizing & odor removal.

Horder Cleanup

Odor Removal, Cleaning & Sanitizing

Drying, Dehumidification, Water Extraction

Soot & Puff Back Cleaning


Residential or Commercial Settings Can Use Our Services

Redeeming Restoration is not limited to homes across Utica and surrounding areas. We also help commercial business owners with our numerous restoration services. Clients have come from multiple settings in the past, including:

● Residential Homes
● Office Buildings
● Schools and Universities
● Child Care Centers
● Retail Stores
● Medical Offices
● Libraries


Contact Us To Learn More

It doesn’t matter what type of damage your property has sustained. In some cases, you might be seeking multiple restoration, cleaning, and repair services. We can help you with all of your restoration needs today! Our friendly representatives at Redeeming Restoration are here to help you today with just a quick phone call and an initial inspection of your property. We want to give you the peace of mind you deserve and allow you to reclaim the life you had before property damage took over your life. Give us a call today at 317-335-6235 or visit our website for more information.

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