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3 Tips for Water Removal Help at Home

When water finds its way into our homes from things like flooding, burst pipes, and other water scenarios, it’s up to us to find a way to get it out! You can certainly hire a professional company for water removal (and you probably should), but there are also some things that you can do on your own to be proactive! 

Take a look at these 3 tips that you can try to help remove water. 

Grab a Shop Vac

A shop vac can help you quite a bit in this scenario. It’s best if you have one or can get your hands on one that can handle wet conditions. If you have to go out and purchase one, it should not be overly expensive, and you will be able to use it for things beyond water removal in the future. 

You can use the wet shop vac to soak up water from carpets, rugs, and other surfaces. You simply suck up water until it is full and then dump the water in a safe location and repeat as needed. 

Get Air Moving

Another thing you can do is to get the air moving. You can do this manually, but you can also do it via mechanical means. 

Open doors and windows as much as possible for airflow and ventilation. Set up fans to move air around as well. The more powerful the fan is, the better it will work for this. 

We do not recommend relying on your air conditioning system as a fan in this situation, especially if it has been affected by the water. 

Move Out Soaked Items

Cleaning up all the water will not matter if you have rugs or furniture sitting around that are full of water as well. They will just drip right back into the areas that you are removing water from. 

Anything in the room that is soaking wet and can be moved should be moved. We recommend moving things outdoors if you can, especially if there is sunshine. This will help those items dry out and keep them from adding to your water situation. 

You might also consider pulling up flooring that is wet, particularly things like linoleum and vinyl. They’ll need to be replaced anyway if they got wet, so this will help remove that much more water. 

Professional Water Removal Services

There are many things you can do on your own to help with water removal, but it might also be a good idea to bring in a restoration service. At Redeeming Restoration, we have all of the necessary equipment to help you get rid of water quickly and efficiently. 

You can give us a call anytime, no matter when your water emergency takes place. We can help with removing water, cleaning up, and restoring your space after cleanup as well.  

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