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At Redeeming Restoration, we go above and beyond for our clients in ways other New Hartford, Syracuse & surrounding restoration companies simply can’t or won’t. Our team offers same-day response times, so your residential or commercial property never has to wait long for assistance.


We are Real!


We React Quickly With Purpose & Intent!


We Are Thorough & Efficient In Restoring Properties!


We Are Christ-Honoring & Family Oriented!


We Create Hope Amidst Chaos!


We Offer Service With A Compassionate Spirit!


We Find A Way!


When you call Redeeming Restoration, we promise you will receive work from a team that is very engaged and highly professional throughout the entire process. Our restoration services are built on a solid foundation of trust and reassurance that we understand how valuable your property is to you.

Once our employees are on site, they will provide you with a detailed plan of action, ensuring all repairs and removals are customized for your needs. Our experts are also highly trained and experienced, so you never have to worry about receiving work that doesn’t live up to expectations.

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Redeeming Restoration

In our eyes, you are not just another client, but someone whose life has been disrupted and needs help. It would be our pleasure to help and serve you.

Residential and Commercial Restoration Specialists Serving Oneida County

At Redeeming Restoration, our core values are based on integrity, state-of-the-art technology and restoration techniques, friendliness, honesty, and affordable restoration for all. We service Utica, NY and surrounding areas, and follow the same principles that our founder Sheri Osborne started the company with. As a family-owned and operated business, we seek to put our clients’ needs first, which helps us stand out from profit-seeking competitors.

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“Talk about bitter sweet, our lives were changed in November and our family was devastated. Redeeming Restoration not only restored our home, but our hearts, mind and soul. Life is full of challenges and we will never be able to explain the pain we experienced but we can express our feeling of gratitude. We are grateful, very grateful that Redeeming Restoration was a huge part of our New Home, Sweet Home.”
Frank and Carol CForever grateful
“We had water running for weeks at our seasonal camp. Thought all was lost and Sheri put me at ease. Dennis came the next day-had to drive an hour through heavy snow. they started at 6am the next day and we were using our camp the next weekend. You couldn’t tell the whole place was flooded for 5 weeks? Great people to work with!”
James FNew York
“Redeeming Restoration is a very Professional and honest company. It truly is a joy to do business with a company that can do a job that you expect and go above and beyond that as well. Having a company that you can trust to be in your home alone and every employee is trust worthy to is almost unheard of these days and Redeeming Restoration is refreshing. Thank you!!”
Paul BNew York
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